Why we build your Real Estate Website in WordPress

June 2, 2015,
Why we build your Real Estate Website in WordPress
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Did you know that 75 million people use WordPress websites? That’s not just because of good marketing or name recognition. So many people use WordPress because it’s so easy to use. And, no, they’re not paying us to say this, and we haven’t cut a deal with them for web hosting. We use WordPress because it’s simply true that when we hand over the keys to your new real estate website, we know that you’re going to know how to navigate it, update your blog and community pages and manage your site stats and SEO integration.

Our clients generally are not computer programmers. They’re agents and brokers, and that’s why they’ve called us — to make their website happen without having to worry about it. Well, when we’re done building it, that’s not the end of the story. In order to maintain a high search-engine ranking (and not to mention up-to-date information) our clients are going to have to go into the website backend on a regular basis.

In WordPress, updating blog posts are extremely easy: You simply click on Posts>Add new and then type in your update. It’s that simple. We even include a popular SEO plugin at the bottom of the new post page. That allows you to make sure you have a great keyword and that you’ve optimized the page for search functionality. You can add new pages and edit them the same way.

Some web design firms may build you a website from scratch. But that’s no bueno, folks. You’re going to end up spending multiples of your initial fee on constant site maintenance. Sure, you’ll always need bug fixes and site upgrades — we’re happy to help you with those. However, in WordPress most of the maintenance is automatic and updates are easy to perform yourself.

If you’re looking for a custom, branded real estate website, TREM Group is ready to help you with that. Just send an email to info@tremgroup.com or give us a call 24/7 at 305-705-5000.

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