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Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best Choice For Real Estate Websites

There’s a reason WordPress boasts supporting 19 percent of all self-hosted websites and 74.7 million websites under its platform. They’re the same reasons TREM roup builds all of its real estate websites for its clients on WordPress. Here’s the short list: SEO capabilities, plug-in support, design functionality and user friendliness. Most importantly, each one of these has direct, tangible impact on lead capture and sale.

Here we briefly break down why we at TREM Group loves WordPress so much

SEO capabilities. This is probably the most important reason to use WordPress. If nobody’s finding your site, then that defeats the purpose of a website, doesn’t it? With WordPress, you don’t really have to be an expert to search-engine optimize your site at a basic level. We add an extra layer of SEO functionality through the popular Yoast plugin. WordPress also handles blogs easily, so you can easily integrate content marketing and social media through your site.

Plug-in support. Real estate agents turn to TREM Group for their web design because of our custom features. That includes our advanced IDX, which is the most robust and accurate in the industry. WordPress makes it extremely easy to host our proven plug-ins, adapt new technologies as quickly as they arrive and experiment with new features in an agile way. This is how we stay out n front of digital real estate marketing best practices.

Design functionality. Related to SEO and plug-ins is the extreme flexibility of designing websites in WordPress. The web developers at TREM Group are experts in UX (user experience) and can shape your site into a perfect reflection of your branding and values. Plus, WordPress sites are fast and, most importantly, responsive. They adapt automatically to any device, improving your Google ranking and decreasing friction that could send potential leads looking elsewhere.

User friendliness. In addition to being mobile-friendly and user-friendly on the front-end, WordPress sites are the most familiar and easy-to-use on the back-end as well. Given that there are almost as many WordPress websites as there are people in Germany, there’s a good chance most of you have used one before. Many of our clients have. So once we hand you the keys to your new TREM Group website, you can easily get to work all on your own. (We’re always here for support, of course!)