6 Awesome Tools And Apps For Real Estate Agents

April 5, 2016,
6 Awesome Tools And Apps For Real Estate Agents
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Real Estate Tools

Real estate agents always have to stay on top of their game, and there are never enough hours in the day. That’s why we’re always looking for products and tools that can help our clients get the extra edge, whether that’s through the websites we build or the apps we recommend. Today’s blog is all about the latter — the tools and apps real estate agents could use to save them time, rake in leads and stay ahead of the competition.


DocuSign is a platform for web and mobile app that allows real estate agents to process paperwork wherever they are. It lets you create, send and sign documents anywhere in the world. It’s completely secure, and it has over 85 million users worldwide.


MagicPlan is an app that lets users create floor plans of any building just by taking pictures. The interface is extremely easy to use, and the floorplans come out looking great. Technically you don’t have to move/remove furniture to capture the floor plan, but sometimes it gets a little glitchy if there are things obstructing the camera. Roomscan is another that does the same thing.


IFTTT is an app that connects all your apps to all your other apps. Sounds confusing, but it’s not. Say you want to create a spreadsheet that catalogues every time you leave and enter the office. Or say you want to get an email of all the pictures you take each day. You can program IFTTT to respond to most of your basic needs.


Need to keep track of your receipts, business cards or any other little pieces of paper that always seem to disappear? Shoeboxed is an easy way to keep that aspect of your life nice and organized.


At a lunch meeting and need to split the bill? Want to cover your client’s gas money? Sending money is extremely easy with Venmo. Google Wallet and Paypal are other alternatives, but Venmo makes the transaction more social and fun.


Here’s one to help you with your social media marketing strategy. Never publish your thoughts, photos and exciting new listings on just one or two social networks. Buffer makes it easier to plan and broadcast your message across multiple networks.

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