Web Development

Real Estate Web Development

TREM Group gives you the ultimate cheat sheet to building a real estate website. In close cooperation with our clients, we design top-tier sites and then hand them the keys. There’s no guesswork involved: we deploy proven strategies, giving clients an inside track.

While modern day real estate still relies upon prime location, the realty business is increasingly relying on digital presentations. While nothing can replace actually visiting a property, maintaining a sleek, sophisticated and robust digital presence is essential for the modern day realtor, especially considering the number of investors that come to Miami from the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe. That is why TREM Group offers to create real estate websites that effortlessly merge elegant design with pioneering software. TREM Group’s websites are each individually tailored to their clients’ tastes and needs, allowing realtors to retain their identity and brand.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Building a Real Estate Website

These websites also come with access to TREM Group’s expert marketing team that provide guidance across all facets of communication, ranging from traditional real estate advertising to search-engine optimization, to reach more clients than ever. All of our websites are built with reader — and Google-friendly URLs, tags, and keyword-enhance web copy, and more. This allows realtors to develop their brand through these websites and engage clients through social integration.

Finally, each TREM Group website is on the very cutting edge of interactive and responsive design. Each site can be seamlessly adapted to any device, from desktops to smartphones, and features an integrated IDX (internet data exchange) that is updated three times a day, allowing potential clients to access the latest property reports at from any device at their convenience. TREM Group has created some of the most comprehensive and sophisticated real estate website designs in the world. Their experience developing communication strategies for social media and international and multicultural clients makes their services invaluable, especially in the competitive Miami market. TREM Group can create the digital platform that presents your business to the world.