Real Estate Web Design Is What We Do for Fun on Weekends

January 2, 2017,
Real Estate Web Design Is What We Do for Fun on Weekends
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Not even kidding. At TREM Group, we’re extremely serious about real estate web design. In fact, it was the reason we started this marketing agency almost a decade ago. Our background is in real estate, and we were looking around at various competitors and realizing that their websites were, well, just bad. It’s like they were stuck in 1997, and many still are.

So, we thought we could help them develop their brands by starting TREM Group, a full service real estate marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization, online sales tools, hosting and custom IDX (which is updated three times per day). We knew it would be helping some of our competitors, but the benefits have been obvious and working in online real estate marketing every day has taught us a lot and helped us in our own practices. Plus, like we said, we love doing it.

Web design is the most crucial aspect of building a website. SEO is important, but user experience is the difference between a real estate lead staying on the site and looking around — or bouncing back to the search engine to try somebody with a sense of style. Because that’s really what your website is: an extension of your own aesthetic tastes. It should suggest the kind of person you are. The blog should be easy to read and accessible. It should be rich with multimedia, and — no matter what anybody tells you — the photos should be nice and large. (No it doesn’t hurt your loading speed to have large images; we optimize the images based on browser and device.)

Click here to check out our portfolio, where you’ll find some typical examples of our work. As you can see, we’ve worked with some of the most successful Realtors and real estate brokers in the area. We’re glad to work with you, too. Just send an email to or call us 24/7 at 305-705-5000.

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