Web Design for Real Estate Agents: Does It Really Matter?

February 14, 2017,
Web Design for Real Estate Agents: Does It Really Matter?
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Does the average real estate agent or broker need a world-class website? In other words, is web design worth the investment of thousands of dollars to hire a company like TREM Group? You could answer that question with several other questions:

What’s your bounce rate?

Are users visiting the property pages you want them to see?

Is your website as mobile-friendly as it could be?

When you search your own target keywords, do your competitors’ websites appear first?

If you don’t like the answer to any of these questions, it’s time to make a change. When we launched TREM Group, the internet was a very different place. Anyone could throw up a website, and sometimes your Google rank could be very high for no apparent reason. Well, now the rules have changed, and we’ve changed with them.

Now you have to be mobile. There’s no exception to that rule. In our opinion, responsive is better, both from an aesthetic, brand-continuity perspective and from a budget perspective. We’ve been building responsive design websites for years.

We’re also experts in bringing users into the site. When they land on a page, they should find something that’s relevant to them — they should find what they’re looking for, and that’ll cut down your bounce rate. We do this by providing logical presentation and related information in the form of blogs and featured listings.

Is there a hot property you need to sell right away? With our custom-built featured pages, you can spotlight exactly the unit, house or even community that you’re trying to showcase. And we integrate all of this into a high-powered SEO machine, with integrated blogging and social media, so that your website is consistently a top-ranked result for your keywords.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you stay ahead of the curve, please call 305-705-5000.

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