Top 5 Features Buyers Want From Your Real Estate Website

May 6, 2014,
Top 5 Features Buyers Want From Your Real Estate Website
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An immense amount of traffic on real estate websites comes from unattached buyers looking for their next home. Give these buyers what they want, and you’ll dramatically increase the odds that they’ll choose you to work with. According to NAR’s Profile, the five features below are what buyers want most from your real estate website:

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This one is pretty straightforward: if you only put your personal or brokerage listings on your site, make sure they have at least 5-10 high quality photos, and more if you are able.

Detailed Property Information
Try to paint a picture for potential buyers, and include as much detail about the flooring, appliances, etc, that you can find. Not to jump ahead to the fifth feature, but preparing 1-2 paragraphs about the different neighborhoods you serve can really fill out your description, and can be reused for other listings.

Virtual Tours
Virtual tours go beyond photos and detailed descriptions, and offer buyers a comprehensive view of the property. Single property websites combine the features of a virtual tour, along with the ability to set up a custom domain, upload documents, show the walkscore, etc.

Real Estate Agent Contact Information
While almost all MLS regulations prevent you from including your contact info in your MLS listing, you’re free to do as you please on your own website. Consider adding your contact info as a call to action in the last line of your description.

Neighborhood Information
The property description is a great place to provide a concise paragraph or two about the neighborhood and location. Even better, create a separate page on your website for each neighborhood you serve, with a description and a few photos. Many buyers start by typing in the neighborhood instead of a specific house, so this is also a great way to rank higher for those terms and draw more buyers to your website.

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