Online Marketing Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Business

February 18, 2014,
Online Marketing Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Business
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It goes without saying that the internet is a major force in the modern world – everyone utilizes it for some reason or another, so it’s gotten to a point where modern businesses can’t survive without a viable web presence. Below are some common mistakes that business owners make with their Real Estate Marketing.

1) A bad attitude- Your attitude about your own business will affect everyone else’s attitude about it. Some examples of a bad attitude are:

  • Not posting for weeks on end.
  • When you haven’t put out a new product or service for the last six months.
  • Blaming bad business on customers.


2) Marketing to a demographic, not a niche- The best and simplest definition of an online marketing niche that I’ve seen is “a group of people with a common problem who congregate together.” It’s an online marketing paradox that the more you narrow your niche, the more successful your marketing will be.

3) Looking like a cheapskate- It’s so easy to set up an online business these days — just whack up a or Blogger site and off you go. Need graphics? Pick up some clip art. Logo and website header? $50 should take care of that if you outsource to the lowest bidder. The only problem here is that your online presence (and therefore, your business) looks cheap. And the overall impression visitors and potential clients get is that you’re broke, cheap and unprofessional.

4) Not capturing visitor details- Someone comes to your site, looks around, reads some posts, and then leaves. Sure, they liked it and intend to come back and read some more — but they never do. They forget, lose the url, get busy. And you’ve lost them forever. Set up an email newsletter list (NOT from your desktop, see #3 above) and offer a valuable free report or ebook in exchange for their details.

5) All learning, no action- People who take action on what they’ve learned are rare. You’ll learn more in your first twelve months of actually running your business and putting yourself out there than you will from any number of books, courses and videos. Information is great, but nothing beats taking action.

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