Miami’s Record Tourism Numbers Reflecting Growing Opportunity

September 5, 2014,
Miami’s Record Tourism Numbers Reflecting Growing Opportunity
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It comes to little surprise that Miami is a popular tourism hub: from its gorgeous climate to its vibrant cultural scene, it makes for an attractive holiday destination. But even long-time analysts were surprised by the sheer scale of Miami’s growth: over 14 million overnight visitors in 2013, the fourth record-breaking year in a row.

According to The Miami Herald, at least half of the visitors hailed from Latin America, which is no surprise given that Miami is considered to be a cultural and commercial gateway to the continent (thanks in no small part to its large number of Latin American expats and native Spanish speakers).

What has contributed to Miami’s continued impressive growth?

“What’s happening is that as we have become more of a luxury destination, what those visitors spend goes up,” said William Talbert III, president and CEO of the tourism bureau. According to an announcement Wednesday, visitor expenditures increased 4.6 percent to reach $22.8 billion. Average daily rates increased more than 8 percent to nearly $177.

Miami’s growing reputation as a sophisticated and cosmopolitan city has attracted some of the world’s wealthiest denizens, as evidenced by the booming luxury condo market and ever-expanding market of boutiques, spas, and other upscale venues. No doubt, many of these visitors desire a seasonal home in the area, of which there are many to choose from.

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