Miami Beach’s South Pointe Park Pier Reopens!

August 19, 2014,
Miami Beach’s South Pointe Park Pier Reopens!
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Just this week, Miami Beach’s signature South Pointe Park Pier opened following a one-year, $4.8 million renovation that totally restored the century-old icon. Now visitors can enjoy stunning views of South Beach, Government Cut, and the Downtown Miami skyline with a wide range of new features, including viewing stations, shade structures, pedestrian plazas, and even sea turtle-safe lighting.

For decades, this landmark served as one of the most popular hangouts in the city, having first been built in the 1920s some blocks north before being moved to its current location in the 1980s. The pier is credited by some Miami Beach historians with having helped make South Beach a hotspot, serving as the center of many local events and gatherings throughout the 20th century.

It began to face neglect in the late 1980s, lingering on until closing in 2004. Once deemed hopeless, city officials opted to restore it as part of a wider effort to revitalize the southern end of SouthBeach. So not only can visitors enjoy this historic and fun place to unwind or socialize, the adjacent South Pointe Park also features extensive revamping, including eco-friendly installments and beautified pathways and social spaces.

Miami Beach is always seeking to reinvent itself, offering locals and visitors something new and amazing every year. Much of the city’s appeal comes from its ability to combine the best of its classical beauty and charm with the latest in modern amenities and style. Looking at what makes Miami special is the key to Miami Real Estate Marketing. As leading experts in marketing industry, TREM Group knows how to make your site relevant and productive. For more information on our services, call us at 305-705-5000.

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