Marketing Strategies of Successful Real Estate Agents

April 1, 2014,
Marketing Strategies of Successful Real Estate Agents
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In a constantly changing market, new realtors may find themselves wondering which steps to take to market themselves and their services. Below are a few tips to keep in mind in creating a Miami Real Estate Marketing Plan.

1. Build a real estate website and use an email address connected with the website as the business email, as opposed to a generic or free email service.

2. Purchase a smart phone, cell phone, to use as a direct phone line, and have emails forwarded to the phone.

3. Return phone calls and answer emails promptly. An agent who fails to answer a call or email promptly typically loses the client to another agent who responds in a timely fashion.

4. Create virtual tours for your property listings, and add links to the tours on the blog, website and websites marketing real estate. Many virtual tour platforms include features where they automatically send virtual tours to websites featuring real estate.

5. Compile a list of all past, current and potential clients, along with contact information.

6. Contact all past, current and potential clients on a regular basis, either once a month, every two months or quarterly, by sending something of value, such as a newsletter, personalized marketing gift or real estate tips.

7. Host an annual party or event for all past, current and potential clients, in an attempt to maintain an ongoing relationship, which may lead to future business.

8. Offer to pay referrals to real estate agents in other cities and states. When attending real estate conventions, seminars and classes, develop relationships with agents from other communities. New business often comes from referals sent by real estate agents located in other parts of the country.

A successful real estate agent’s marketing strategy involves more than promoting new business or developing a high profile. TREM Group works tirelessly to optimize your website to its utmost potential. For more information on our services, call 305-705-5000.

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