Interactive Maps Are Stylish, Functional, and Popular

October 3, 2014,
Interactive Maps Are Stylish, Functional, and Popular
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In the competitive market for South Florida real estate, industry professionals need to provide the most interactive, convenient, and attractive services imaginable to standout and draw in big leads. That is why TREM Group, the region’s leading Miami Real Estate Marketing specialist, provides Interactive Maps that put a whole new dimension on property searches.

These detailed but navigable maps are powered by IDX and RETS Technology to display the most recently available properties on the MLS, America’s largest and most reliable real estate database. So not only can your clients search for the most up-to-date listing of residences, but they can do so through the convenience of a visual guide.

Interactive maps can be scrolled through and zoomed in and out to provide a holistic picture of the region. Clients can see where their desired property is located, including nearby landmarks, points of interest, and other preferences. It gives them a far more comprehensive picture of what the market and its region has to offer.

Not only does it make it easy for homebuyers to make an informed decision about their purchase, but it provides them with useful information of the area. This is invaluable in a market like South Florida’s, where a large and growing proportion of clients come from abroad and thus lack intimate knowledge of the area.

Moreover, such an interactive map conveys the innovation and attention to detail of your real estate business. It shows clients you are on the cutting-edge of real estate service and professionalism. We ensure that these maps are easy to use and functional at all times. TREM Group updates our IDX three times each day to ensure the latest updates in this dynamic market are reflected, making your map – as well as your search results – reliable and accurate.

Rest assured that TREM Group is the most qualified for the job. We have over seven years of experience in Miami Real Estate Web Design, employing the most seasoned and skilled engineers, programmers, designers, and real estate specialists in the region.

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