How to Create an Engaging Web Presence

March 18, 2014,
How to Create an Engaging Web Presence
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1. Get a mobile-friendly website- “Mobile-friendly,” “responsive,” etc. It’s absolutely imperative to get a website that looks and feels the same across any device, because that’s what people have come to expect from their digital experience.

2. Make your MLS Search mobile-friendly- This is one of the easiest wins you could imagine. If a user is searching for a home on their phone, they’re looking for something that’s going to stand out to them quickly. If you can make their experience simple and highly visual, you have an engaged lead and an instant foot in the door.

3. Create Index-able Listing Pages-If you want to stay top of mind for your clients, you need to stay on top of search too. A responsive website is great (basically mandatory), but it’s especially important that every listing has an index-able page because Google and other search engines count this as “content.” As your content, or number of pages, increases, your SEO improves. The best solutions auto-generate these pages for you, so you can focus on other things.

4. Upgrade Your Design- A website is the digital extension of yourself as an agent, so treat it well and put your best foot forward. Use strong photos, clean and proofread copy, and a modern and attractive design.

5. Grab an analytics program- Take the guess work out of your online marketing. You have a ton of other things you’d probably rather be working on, so let a simple program like Google Analytics, KISS Metrics, or any number of affordable or free services do the leg work for you. This way, you can quickly assess what is or isn’t working, fix the problem, and move on to the best part: interacting with potential clients and creating awesome experiences.

6. Get an SEO Plug-In- As you can see, this whole post is about making both you and your clients’ lives easier. This last tidbit cinches the deal. A good SEO plug-in will do the bulk of the work when it comes to improving your search rankings and thus your ability to be found by potential buyers and sellers.

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