How to Appeal to Brazilian Buyers in Real Estate

July 15, 2014,
How to Appeal to Brazilian Buyers in Real Estate
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The month of July has been all about the FIFA World Cup, and all eyes were on Brazil. There’s more to South America’s largest country, however, than soccer. According to the 2010 census data, there are over 350,000 Brazilians living in the United States, with the highest concentration located in communities throughout Florida, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, California and Connecticut. If you have an interest in working with Brazilian clients, we strongly encourage you to learn about their social and business customs. Below are some tips that will help you better serve Brazilian buyers and sellers:

• While Brazilians are South Americans, they do not consider themselves Hispanic. The national language is Portuguese – not Spanish.

• Punctuality can sometimes be an issue. Don’t be surprised, or offended, if your Brazilian clients run late for appointments. (However, you should always be on time.) Meetings often run later than planned, so be sure to build your schedule accordingly. Leaving an appointment early, even if it started late, is considered rude.

• When you first meet with a Brazilian client, concern yourself with making a good impression and being likeable. Brazilians like to conduct business through personal connections, so it is important to build the relationship before you “get down to business”.

• Do not transfer responsibility during a transaction; Brazilians prefer to deal with the same person or group of people throughout the course of a deal.

• Brazilians are soccer fanatics. If you want to impress your client, make sure you watch the World Cup!

In 2013, Brazilians made up 11 percent of all buyers in Miami, making them the second (tied with Argentina) most active foreign group behind Venezuelans. It’s been reported that, on average, affluent Brazilians own 4 properties, with a third of them owning more than 4.

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