Great Real Estate Marketing Tips for 2014

July 22, 2014,
Great Real Estate Marketing Tips for 2014
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The Real Estate Marketing Group (TREM Group) has been a leader in the real estate marketing industry for years. The winning combination of professionals across several disciplines, including realtors, designers, web developers, and search engine consultants has allowed for long term success whenever TREM Group creates a partnership with a client. At the forefront of Miami Real Estate Marketing, TREM Group offers some valuable real estate marketing tips for this year.

For one, try building up your Facebook business page. Invite Facebook friends and contacts to like your business page so that your messages and posts are reaching a greater number of people, ultimately generating referrals to your business. On that note, you can also reach a greater audience and drive more referrals for your business by connecting social media sites and your own website. For instance, include links to your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. on your website; however, you should also include links to your website on all of your social media pages. The more places you are online, the easier it will be for potential clients to find you.
Continuing on the subject of social media, take a moment to consider your posting habits. Are all of your posts listings? One rule of thumb to go by is the 80/20 rule; 80% of your posts should not be about your business. This will become repetitive and boring to followers. Instead, focus on quality posts such as local news or events, DIY tips, even pictures of delicious food or breathtaking scenery! Be creative, and do not saturate your social media pages with listing posts.

TREM Group are experts in their field, and can help will any and all of your Miami Real Estate Marketing needs!

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