Foreign Buyers Are Increasingly Investing in Miami Beach

September 23, 2014,
Foreign Buyers Are Increasingly Investing in Miami Beach
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There are many good reasons to purchase a Miami Beach property: from the pristine beaches and gorgeous climate, to the vibrant nightlife and cultural scene, the city has much to offer any resident or seasonal visitor.

But buyers from all over the world are pouring in for more than just the quality of life: increasingly, Miami and its surrounding communities offer an attractive and rewarding place to invest.

That is because the city meets nearly all the criteria that international buyers look for when seeking an overseas property: a diverse selection of properties, a stable economy, and growing long-term opportunities.

In fact, the most recent annual survey by Knight Frank, a London real estate consulting firm, places Miami as the world’s seventh most popular city for wealthy buyers – up from eight last year, and ahead the likes of Paris and Dubai.

Meanwhile, the National Association of Realtors found that from April 2013 to March 2014, total international sales came to an estimated $92.2 billion – a considerable increase over $68.2 billion from the previous period. In Miami’s case, the trend is being driven by buyers from Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, China, Russia, France, and the Persian Gulf, to name but a few sources.

Essentially, real estate has followed the footsteps of other industries in the 21st century in becoming increasingly globalized, with Miami being at the epicenter of the trend. Its status as a premier travel destination gives it a large market of part-time homes or vacation rentals, with the current development boom ushering in an ever-growing list of ambitious and promising condos, resorts, and hotels.

Moreover, the city’s growing sophistication – as evidence by its world-class cultural venues – has only added to the cycle of growth, development, and further growth. From the nation’s second largest performing arts center (Adrienne Arsht) to one of its largest commercial centers (Aventura Mall), the Miami metropolitan area is brimming with opportunities for almost every area of interest.

All this bodes well for the long-term prospects of investors in Miami real estate – and for the Realtors who seek to attract them. In order to reap the big leads that will emerge as foreign buyers continue to flock to the region, real estate specialists need attractive and functional Miami Real Estate Marketing solution.

With over seven years of experience in this dynamic market, TREM Group can help you devise a Miami Real Estate Marketing Plan that will optimize your performance like never before. To learn more, contact 305-705-5000.

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