Blogging Mistakes of Real Estate Agents

May 30, 2014,
Blogging Mistakes of Real Estate Agents
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While blogging is an essential part of any real estate agent’s inbound marketing strategy, it can do more harm than good when mistakes are made. Below are some mistakes you should avoid when writing your blog.

1. Blogging Confidential Information

No one likes their private information posted on the Internet, yet real estate agents make the mistake of bragging instead of blogging. Avoid violating people’s privacy or getting sued by leaving names and business transactions out of your blogs.

2. Dissing Other Real Estate Businesses

The old adage “if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it” works for blogs as well. While you want your blog to inform and entertain, leave trash talking at the door because it has a way of coming back full circle.

3. Forgetting to Post Your Blog

Blogs can appear on your website, in newsletters, on your Facebook profile page and on your Google+ profile. If you find yourself forgetting where you normally post your blog, keep a content calendar handy. Because people don’t use every social media network out there, you need to post your blog in several places so that a larger pool of potential clients can see it.

4. Bragging

Steer clear of writing blogs that focus on your professional and personal success. You want to establish yourself as an expert in your field and not use blogging as a bragging contest.

5. Poorly Formatted Blogs

People like to scan information to see if they want to invest time in reading a blog. Give your reader the chance to quickly read your blog by creating a clear format.

6. Inconsistency

People follow blogs the way they watch the evening news or read their favorite weekly magazine. They want to know that new information is available to them at the same time each week. If you post blogs erratically, they won’t remember to follow you. Consistency shows that you take blogging and your real estate business seriously.

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