Amid Record Tourism Rates, Florida Seeks to Draw in More Visitors

September 25, 2014,
Amid Record Tourism Rates, Florida Seeks to Draw in More Visitors
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Florida’s reputation as a global magnet for residents and visitors is no secret: Miami alone welcomed a record-breaking 14.2 million overnight travelers just last year. Even a casual glance at popular cities like Miami Beach show a large and ever-growing selection of cultural, commercial, and recreational opportunities catering to just about every lifestyle.

Seeking to capitalize on the state’s already-established reputation as a vacationer’s paradise, Visit Florida, the state’s tourism marketing corporation, recently revealed a number of strategies for drawing in even more arrivals. While close to 97 million tourists came to Florida in 2013, a little over half that many have already visited halfway through 2014 alone.

If Visit Florida and other marketers have their way, the state will surpass even that amazing number to reach 100 million annually. The Miami Herald outlines some of the ways they hope to accomplish this feat:

A partnership with National Geographic that will include a Florida hub on the publication’s website featuring promotions, social media and storytelling about the state’s natural offerings.

Tablet apps in German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin and English for the United Kingdom and India, each customized to specific audiences.

Sponsorship of Sao Paulo Fashion Week in April 2015, followed by promotions through tour operators that will include free use of a cell phone for Brazilian tourists while they are visiting — and shopping — in the state.

Becoming part of the landscape of the video game “Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup” to get on the radar of millennial gamers; Carmichael, a motocross champion, will also promote Florida tourism on social media, web clips and in public appearances.

Expanding a partnership with Telemundo and its show La Voz Kids, which is shot in Orlando; Alanis Sophia, a Tampa teen who was a former runner-up, will be a “brand ambassador” for the state.

Notice the international flavor of many of these campaigns; this reflects the fact that much of what is driving Florida’s economic growth is the state’s appeal to residents all over the world. Nowhere is this most apparent than in the state’s southern portion, centered on Miami and Miami Beach. There, everything from hospitality to real estate is becoming increasingly patronized by foreign buyers.

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