3 Ways to Make Your Listings Stand Out

August 5, 2014,
3 Ways to Make Your Listings Stand Out
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We at the TREM Group work hard to help you create your unique brand with the most professional tools available. Today we’re going to focus on three rules in advertising that can be applied to your real estate web site to make your listings stand out and get sold quickly!

1. Sacrifice.
For real estate agents, your primary theme for listing promotions must involve sacrificing the majority — not selling to anyone and everyone but focusing on the people most likely to buy the home. This is a proven concept from the advertising community that can be applied to real estate.

When you try to appeal to everyone you fail to connect with the very audience who wants what you have. If a home has a small yard, say so. If a home is wildly expensive because of its unique architecture and quality, don’t feel apologetic for this — use it to get the attention of those who would appreciate it.

2. Promote uniqueness.
Say what makes the home unique and you will attract that right buyer. Instead of focusing on a property’s sought-after but not necessarily exclusive features (such as waterfront, stunning views, good school district), look at what makes the listing different and promote that.

3. Substantiate your claims.
Say what makes your listing special and write a story with passion and detail that proves it. Explain, in detail, what the consumer will notice about the house when they see it and avoid over-used and flimsy phrases such as “Best Views in Miami” or “Best Price!”

TREM Group has been a leader in the real estate marketing industry for years. The winning combination of professionals across several disciplines, including realtors, designers, web developers, and search engine consultants has allowed for long term success whenever TREM Group creates a partnership with a client. For more information on Miami Real Estate Marketing, contact us by calling 305-705-5000.

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