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The real estate web design market at a first glance seems to be almost as competitive as the luxury real estate market. Once you look closer, however, most of the solutions available are more geared for agents and brokers who are simply looking to create a digital extension of their business card and get their brand online.

Designers who charge exorbitant fees but are wedded to their sleek designs are common, Ad agencies who understand how to brand but don't understand the behavior of a search we see all the time.. Thats where we come in! TREM Group has created an ultra luxury team that understands all aspects of Design, be it branding, idx interface, user interaction and user experience.

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With all our clients, we embark on a creative process and do whatever it takes to support our clients vision and get their creative juices flowing. Our Creative Director and Owner empowers multiple design teams to come up with designs simultaneously encouraging harnessing their own strengths and styles. By offering different approaches to designs, TREM Group works towards getting the front end of the website in line with the design goals of the client.

“Our design work is aimed to be the perfect synergy between design and technology.”


Luxury branding presents unique challenges. Staying true to a company’s core identity while adapting to new market realities is a challenge that all luxury brands face, not just real estate agents. As more and more clients first engage with companies through their website, digital brands are beginning to supersede the company’s brick and mortar identity.

The award-winning designers at TREM understand this thanks to their many years of dominating the South Florida market. Despite our growth, we never lost our ethos or capability as a real estate web design firm offering luxury real estate solutions.

Website Design

With the deepest of roots in website design and solfware engineering, TREM Group has evolved with the industry and has never stopped chasing innovation. Designs may look simpler than ever but it’s not to say they are not at a complex stage in the game.

We are always on top of the latest trends, constantly working to disrupt the industry with design and user experiences that set new standards in the luxury real estate industry. You will see the dedication to our craft through our work, what we like to call our masterpieces.

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UX / UI Design

We are highly experienced in User Experience and User Interface Design, our team has been awarded numerous times for interfaces inside and outside the real estate industry. We develop the most advanced idx search features and mobile apps with our core team of in-house developers and conceptualize from idea to product driving projects all the way through an efficient process.

A successful user experience is the fastest way to build trust and enhance your brand. We do this by focusing on elegant UI and intuitive, easy-to-use designs. Our UX designers have researched and tested the best ways to engage users on your site.