Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Whether you want to own the first position on the top of the search engines or you want to reach John Doe who lives in the UK and has 100 MM to invest in real estate... We have a strategy for that!

At TREM Group we specialize in driving specific traffic for your ideal market. We have blazed trails in the industry and have found ways of succeeding on behalf of our exclusive clientele by constantly adpating our technology. Even though we are boldly confident in the value proposition we offer, we are always learning, testing and improving, bringing a dynamic humble approach and a refuse to lose attitude to global luxury real estate marketing.

  • Organic Marketing

  • Media Management

  • Social Media

  • Remarketing

By being a technology driven agency, we adapt fast, innovate on the regular, create optimal user experiences and forge connections between our clients and buyers and sellers around the world. In doing so successfully, we've become experts in one of the most unconventional industries of all.

“When all aspects of digital marketing work together, they become a force multiplier, each reinforcing the other and all with the goal of driving web traffic and leads.”

Organic Marketing

A strong digital presence is crucial when attracting new users online, but how do you make your website stand out on the internet?

Our solid team of technology experts and search engine analysts are in the constant pursuit of improving technology and search engine optimization tactics helping our clients index and rank in the most competitive of internet keywords and phrases. By crafting our own technology and implementing our innovations we are constantly evolving helping our clients dominate the organic search engine battle.

Digital Media Management

Today’s paid media advertising has become complex and more important than ever to manage properly. By optimizing and regularly tweaking, we are able to get better results while being cost effective and uber efficient with your marketing dollar.

With our use of more unconventional strategies we have built a set of tactics to be able to get your message across at the right target time and for the right cost per conversion.

Social Media Marketing

We approach social media marketing a bit differently than your everyday agency. Our focus is on the power of the different social media channels as a means of promoting high quality content.

Our Social Media managers are trained to create awareness, interact with followers, post and drive cold, warm and hot traffic to your brand. So more likes, and more shares means more exposure!

Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing on search engines and social media is one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing strategy, it follows your visitor with visual advertisements at a fraction of the typical pay per click rates. Remarketing is essential to your marketing cycle and haves an important role in your sale cycle, helping your visitor returning to your site more often.

Also know in the industry as “cyber stocking” this approach is a cost effective way to of investing your marketing dollar.