Why Your Real Estate Website Needs Integrated IDX Right Now

January 4, 2016,
Why Your Real Estate Website Needs Integrated IDX Right Now
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You probably already know what IDX is, but if you don’t, it stands for Integrated Data Exchange. It’s an adaptation of the MLS service that allows Realtors and brokers to post listings in real time on their websites. But there are two types of IDX, and one is so much more valuable than the other. We’ve covered this before, but it’s worth a brief reminder:

There’s basic IDX, in which you display MLS listings on your website but they’re hosted elsewhere. And there’s integrated IDX, which costs a bit more but allows you to host the MLS listings on your own website. The difference is crucial. Each listing is a web page, and as you know, the more web pages you have the more likely someone searching a property is going to land on your site. If you let someone else host the listings for you, your website gains none of the SEO benefits. Integrated IDX on the other hand will endow your site with thousands of listings and pages.

The benefits of IDX are numerous. They give Realtors the benefit of first contact, from which you can lead clients to the perfect listing, even if the one they found isn’t quite right for them. You can also show tons of useful information, like square footage, closed and pending sales and many other data points. TREM Group IDX is updated three times daily, so you would avoid a common pitfall of having inaccurate or out of date information.

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