The Latest Real Estate Technology Trends Happening Now

May 14, 2017,
The Latest Real Estate Technology Trends Happening Now
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In today’s world where technology has eliminated the obstacles of distance and access, the largest impediment to business today is information. TREM Group understands this business climate and offers a solution by incorporating the latest real estate technology trends in web design.

Our No. 1 offering is the most advanced IDX, or internet data exchange, in the industry. Our Integrated IDX allows listings to be seen by major search engines like Google, meaning clients can not only search for your website but for individual properties. TREM Group achieves search engine optimization by carefully crafting listings to include search-friendly URLs and keyword-enhanced web copy. This dramatically increases the exposure a listing receives, allowing realtors to reach more potential clients.

For information to be actionable, it must current. Up-to-date information can be the difference between a successful deal and a wasted effort. TREM Group distinguishes its IDX from its competitors by updating the detailed property reports on their IDX three times each day. These reports are combined with mapping technologies that allow uses to search by street, by neighborhood, or even by drawing an area on the map.

Merging such comprehensive and powerful tools such as the IDX to intuitive and user-friendly features like interactive maps is a representative of the emphasis TREM Group places on design. TREM Group’s integrated IDX is truly the tool of the modern realtor, allowing clients from around the world to access individual listings through Google, the most ubiquitous website online. With global reach and the most up-to-date listings, TREM Group is the key to succeeding in the competitive Miami market.

Other real estate technology trends include custom mapping tools. At TREM Group we’ve built proprietary map search plug-ins that allow users to search by drawing an area on the map. We’ve also enabled our clients to highlight the specific communities and homes they want their users to see first. Full bleed images, video integration and automated social media tools allow our clients to take full advantage of striking pictures to generate and close leads.

If you’re interested in finding out how TREM Group can help you stay up to date on the latest real estate technology, call us anytime at 305-705-5000.

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