Technology Trends in Commercial Real Estate

May 2, 2016,
Technology Trends in Commercial Real Estate
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Commercial Real Estate

With all its glitz and demand, the Miami real estate market is often focused on residential real estate. But Miami becomes a global city and a true economic powerhouse, commercial real estate is quickly becoming a major part of the market. Developers and real estate agents and brokers are looking for ways to take advantage of the soaring availability of space and the increased demand — and to keep up with the intense competition.

There are a few technology trends in commercial real estate that are pushing the market forward. And for those who understand the tricks and tools, they stand a better chance of coming out on top. We’ve put together a list of these tech trends we see as shaping the future of Miami commercial real estate, but do let us know what you think!

  1. Real-time data integration: Commercial real estate agents have always needed lightning fast information about the market supply and their potential leads. But better big data processing has allowed them to take advantage of existing datasets to make better marketing decisions. For example, by building relationships with lenders and accountants, agents can identify suitors immediately without wasting time.

  2. The roving office: In the old days, you’d spend your time driving around, meeting clients, rushing back to the office to take care of paperwork and then rushing back out. Days were longer than they needed to be, and there was never enough time. Now, with mobile apps that let you sign documents, transfer files, communicate on the go and automate workflow, “office” is becoming an old-fashioned term.

  3. More sales, fewer middle men: According to a recent article in AZBigMedia, one of the most alarming trends in commercial real estate is the increased number of property managers selling directly to buyers and renters. By setting up websites and running their own marketing, they’re cutting out the middle man.

And that’s one reason it’s more important than ever for Miami commercial real estate agents and brokers to stay ahead of the curve. It’s important to show value through unparalleled marketing services. At TREM Group, we know a thing or two about that. Give us a call, and let’s start building your more effective commercial real estate website.

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