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We have built strong roots in technology which has helped us adapt to global online trends and we can certainly claim that we have been around the block a few times when it comes to developing robust technology for the real estate industry. We have worked with some of the top agents, brokers and developers around the world to understand desired interaction and user functionlaity that each of their respectve target markets require, expect and demand. Our in-house developemt team allow us to constantly improve our technology improving user interaction and search capability, while mainting great synergy with top search engines. We are always looking to blast past expectations of any given audience by applying disruptive technology to our strategic marketing efforts.

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By being a technology driven company we are able to adapt fast innovating every step of the way enhancing user experience and forging connections between our clients and buyers and sellers around the world. This has driven us to become an expert group in one of the most unconventional industries of all.

“We recognize the power of technology to engage and inspire. With elegant design and pioneering software, our experts have developed the most effective online technological tools in the industry.”

IDX Technology

TREM Group has developed the latest in cutting edge IDX / MLS technology raising the bar when it comes to searching for real estate allowing users to engage with properties in many different ways and integrating a smart easy-to-use interface.

When you see a listing on a TREM powered IDX, you can be confident that you are seeing the latest market results. A TREM powered IDX is further enhanced by the inclusion of the latest features in RETS technology allowing clients to see detailed property reports, complete with active, closed, and pending sales.

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App Development

Our technology expertise goes far beyond IDX / MLS. Real estate, being our niche industry, has inspired us to develop solutions for all it’s verticals.

Decades of experience in user interface and user interaction design and development makes us the perfect fit for any real estate professional looking to innovate, if this is your case... we are your team!

Comprehensive interface design crossed with technology development skills make our work stand above the rest... says the Ardy Awards.


In today’s complex digital world filled with a platform and/or solution for everything, our philosophy is that we like to make friends and play in everyones sandbox, we are approachable and create solutions that can integrate the most popular of API solutions into our technology.

Our doors are always open and we love to work with other innovative companies in the industry, we recognize, value and respect other solutions and set out to collaborate on behalf of our clients and for the greater good. Have an idea for an integration... bring it on!

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