IDX Real Estate


The most important tool a broker can use is the Internet Data Exchange or IDX. By allowing clients to search listings hosted on your site through an integrated IDX means that anyone in the world is a mere click away from interacting with your brand. Our complex IDX system brings alot more than just listings, it’s a complete solution for agents, brokers and visitors alike;

In today’s marketplace the true limiting factor is information. Distance, access, and even time as obstacles have been eliminated by the advancement of technology. But clients cannot buy and agents cannot sell without accurate information. Our robust IDX system closes that gap by proving up-to-date information, including active, sold and pending data.

“Our technology is built with careful consideration so that it’s functionality—and by extension, your brand—are consistently optimized.”

Advanced IDX Search Tools

TREM Group - The Real Estate Marketing Group develops the most advanced IDX search tools in the real estate industry, by constantly innovating the way people interact with properties & their listing agents, improving the behavior of a search, we have built an arsenal of real estate tools for your use.

TREM Group goes above and beyond the standard IDX by providing the most up-to-date information in the business, refreshing your data three times a day. When you see a listing on a TREM IDX, you can be confident that you are seeing the latest market results. A TREM IDX is further enhanced by the inclusion of the latest in RETS technology, which allows clients to see detailed property reports, complete with active, closed, and pending sales.

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Our complex IDX system behaves a little different, we took areas to the next level, by creating a smart system that allows you to assign communities to neighborhoods including properties, buildings and even news articles. Our tool will help you create a resource that will defentably portrait you as the authority for whichever area you wish to dominate.

All accesible trough your regular wordpress backend, you can create an area within a couple clicks and take it from there.

Feed your unqiue content and implement a rich variety of idx tools, from listings to neighborhood statistics.

Condo Buildings

Our unique Condo Profile Tools is a condo agent best friend, it allows you to quickly create a page for a particular building integrating strong IDX solutions such as available inventory for sale and for rent and even sold properties.

Access your condo section from your wordpress backend and easy create and assign buildings to your neighborhood pages, this tools will also allow you to show case the building in different desired areas such as it’s native neighborhood to other pages you might come up with such as your areas top buildings or oceanfront buildings, your immagintion is the limit!

“Our innovative IDX system is directly connected to your board’s MLS, allowing us to get creative with the data, build custom data charts and explore real estate data in whole new way. We feature Active, Sold and Pending data to whichever board allows it.”

IDX Analytics

Sure you are use to your regular analytics, but with our IDX Analytics section you can take your research to a new level, this tools allows your to track your visitor troughout the visit recording every step of the way, allowing you to segment your leads and get more information from them right of the bat.

With this tool you can track their form fills, visite properties and even see their favorites and save searches, while tracking their avergage price raneg searches and most visited areas and neighborhood. This information can give you a head start when moving into the next step with a proespet client.

Email Automation

Touch points! yes!, In today’s fast paced digital world is easy for a visitor to deviate or even forget about you, yet either consider you for when they are ready to fill up that form.

That's why email automation is so important and can make your life so much easier!

This system emails your client perdiodically new listings in their price range and selected neighborhoods once they have opt-in, but also let’s let know if a listing they liked chnages price or status.

Keep your clients informed and they will keep coming for more.