Social Media Tips For Busy Real Estate Agents

April 18, 2016,
Social Media Tips For Busy Real Estate Agents
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You’re a real estate agent, not a publicist. And you certainly don’t have time to spend poking around on Facebook and Instagram all day. Lots of real estate marketing blogs might try to tell you otherwise — that social media is not only important to keep up, it could help you get the edge on the competition and will help keep your Google rank high. While all of that is true, it still doesn’t mean you have time for Facebook and Instagram.

So what’s a busy real estate agent to do? Here are some tips to help you build social media into your schedule — or out of it.

Update your professional accounts at the same time as your personal accounts. We all use social media in our personal lives and don’t think twice about the time we spend doing it (unless you’re a guilty addict). One way to remember to update your professional accounts is to send out a quick message about your latest listing or your day’s exciting activity at the same time you do so on your personal account.

Automate. There’s no reason to manually post messages to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. etc. Services like Onlywire and Buffer can do that for you. You should also automate social posts every time you publish a new blog post on your website. Don’t forget to use pictures!

No need to be longwinded. You’re busy, but so is everyone else. No one wants or expects “War and Peace” every time you pop up in their feed. Give them the most interesting thing, a picture and a link. They’ll click if they want more info.

Consider outsourcing some of the work. It’s never been easier to hire freelancers to keep your content marketing strategy current and robust.

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