Real Estate Agents: Are You Driving Leads Via Social Media?

October 8, 2015,
Real Estate Agents: Are You Driving Leads Via Social Media?
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At the most basic level, what’s the one thing that makes your real estate business work? It’s relationships. That’s all businesses. In any transaction, there must be trust — a relationship.

But as anyone in sales knows, getting from stranger to client is a long road. It helps to have had prior interaction of course. But the mobile internet age has changed the game. Now big real estate agents and brokers with powerful Google rankings have a leg up in lead generation. They easily crowd out their competition.

You can overcome that with strong social media engagement, which helps you in two ways. First, it boosts your SEO. Google used to care a lot about keywords and backlinks. It still does, but it’s smarter about the way it weighs those keywords and backlinks. If you’re writing useful blog information and sharing it in creative ways on social media, Google will reward you.

Second, doing social media the right way can lead to the kinds of relationships that have always been the backbone of real estate. This requires being active, friendly, encouraging and helpful. It means targeting people who are talking about buying property, selling property or moving to your market. And it means cultivating an audience for your content.

At TREM Group, we offer the tools that make social engagement easy, including blogs with built-in SEO performance boosters and integrated social media sharing. We’d love to get you started. If you want to be a social media ninja, call our experts at 305-705-5000.

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