Real estate website blogs are more important than you think: Here’s why

June 12, 2015,
Real estate website blogs are more important than you think: Here’s why
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Every single one of the real estate websites we design for our clients has a built-in blog. That’s a function of our choice to use WordPress, but it’s also virtually a necessity if you have any desire to stay on top of the Google search algorithm. There are a lot of reasons for that, but this blog post is designed to give you the basic gist.

When Google decides which websites to show to users looking for keywords, they have literally billions to choose from. How do they choose which ones to put on the first page of results? It all has to do with value. Google wants its users to find value in the websites they return; otherwise, users will go to some other search engine, like Yahoo! or Bing. Google’s algorithm determines value using dozens of metrics. Keywords on the site is just one of them. It’s also looking to see whether other important websites link to your site and whether your site is updated with new content frequently. In short: Is your website going to provide useful information to the person searching on Google?

Here’s where the blog comes in. If you haven’t gathered by now, good content is key. TREM Group gives you the tools you need to create fast, media-rich posts full of hot new listings, advice to homebuyers, the latest market conditions for investors, video tours of neighborhoods — even, if you want, your own podcast to talk about the local real estate market.

If this sounds like some pretty involved online marketing, you’re right. SEO isn’t just something that computer programmers can do by themselves anymore. Google has gotten smarter and is now on the lookout to see if the content you’re producing is actually useful and interesting to people. It does this by seeing where your backlinks come from: Did a high-traffic real estate website link to your blog? Are dozens of people sharing your website on Twitter and Facebook?

Social importance matters now. And, frankly, that’s good for everyone. Because maintaining a really boring blog doesn’t do you any favors if somebody happens to start reading it — that reader is going to turn off and click somewhere else. But if your blog is full of pictures, good advice, interesting writing and is updated on the regular, you’re going to build much better relationships with potential clients.

If there’s any way we can help you get your new real estate website — and its amazing new blog! — off the ground, send an email to or call us 24/7 at 305-705-5000.

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