Real Estate Marketing That Ropes In The Biggest Leads

March 15, 2016,
Real Estate Marketing That Ropes In The Biggest Leads
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Is there a secret sauce to real estate marketing? At TREM Group we think so. Your online marketing plan either works or it doesn’t, and there’s a simple formula to cashing in. It starts with the right attitude, communicated to users through your web design, and ends with the right tools to gather information about your users and turn them into customers.

At TREM Group, we build websites designed with the end user in mind. That means custom-built websites for different sets of users. Whether you’re targeting families and first-time home buyers or ultra-wealthy foreign investors, we use data and proven strategies to build sites targeted for your clientele.

One way we do that is through common sense user experience practices. Often, real estate websites use widgets simply because they’re available and not because they work. At TREM Group, we question this fundamentally. For example, many map search tools on real estate websites are clumsy, slow and not very useful. Rather than continue to deploy map search tools that only frustrate users, our programmers developed a new kind of map search feature that uses latest technology and enables users and agents to highlight areas and search with the swipe of a finger or cursor.

The difference between a TREM Group website and our competition is clear. Another way we set ourselves apart and draw in big leads is through country targeting. We enable real estate agents and brokers to build websites that tap into foreign markets through SEO keyword strategies and features like language toggles and currency conversion.

There are many more ways to tap into the markets you want to target online. To learn more about our experience and strategies, contact TREM Group today by calling 305-705-5000.

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