Not Getting Enough Engagement on Your Real Estate Website? Try These Ideas

September 28, 2015,
Not Getting Enough Engagement on Your Real Estate Website? Try These Ideas
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So you’re checking out the analytics on your real estate website and the numbers aren’t changing. You check again the next day. Still nothing. You wonder what you’re doing wrong. So you Google it. And now you’re here.

We’ve been working with real estate clients in Miami — some of us at TREM are also working Realtors — for many years. We’ve seen what works in online real estate marketing and what’s a waste of time. A general rule about engagement is that you receive as much activity as you put out. If you’re a once-a-day Facebook poster and that’s it, you’re probably going to get a lacklustre response from your nonexistent fans. But it’s relatively easy to solve the problem if you’re really dedicated to promoting meaningful engagement with your brand.

Step one: Create a useful blog and stick with it. Post the kind of information you’d wish you could see if you were a consumer. You don’t want anything boring, and you don’t want anything that feels like a sales pitch (there are too many advertisements in the world already). Post compelling content, like videos and amazing listings (but not cat videos) as often as you can.

Step two: Create a genuine social media presence. Automated social, like Onlywire, is good because it saves a ton of time and boosts SEO. But you need to add real interaction to that. Post something person every once in a while on your Instagram.

Step three: Give as much as you take. In a friendship, you wouldn’t ask for favors all the time, so don’t do that in your online presence. Like, comment and provide useful feedback to the thought leaders you want to target.

That should get you started, but if you need help getting your engagement numbers up, call our experts at 305-705-5000.

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