If Your Online Real Estate Marketing Isn’t Generating Leads, You’re Doing It Wrong

January 28, 2017,
If Your Online Real Estate Marketing Isn’t Generating Leads, You’re Doing It Wrong
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In March, Tampa Realtor Rae Catanese famously declared that “80 percent of my leads come from my real estate blog.” As anybody knows, that’s an insanely high proportion. Now, she never explained how many leads she gets, but if each of her 480 blog posts generate one lead per year then she’s doing very, very well.

Catanese uniquely understands two things: one, she gets how people use the internet and, two, she knows how to put her content in front of the right people. The second factor is all about search engine optimization and social media marketing — two areas of expertise that are equal parts technical and artistic. You have to understand the way Google ranks its search results and tailor your website to comply with those criteria. But you also have to target the right social opinion leaders and craft a message they’ll be receptive to.

And that’s what the second point is all about. Her blog, Tampa Real Estate Insider, is curated with users in mind. The posts are not only important for SEO purposes, but they’re smart real estate marketing. The headlines are engineered to encourage clicks (“Money’s BEST Big Cities | Tampa Is On The List..Here’s Why!”), and the articles themselves are well-written.

Of course, blogs are just the beginning of a well-rounded online real estate marketing plan. Your other channels should be pointing back to the blog while creating value in themselves. Social media channels should be relevant and useful in order to grow your audience and share your brand. Email newsletters remain the single most effective way to get your message out. These should be thoughtfully timed and crafted for maximum effect.

At TREM Group, we do all of these things. If you need an SEO boost, a more relevant blog or a new website that converts, our international team of experts is standing by to help. Call 305-705-5000 to learn more.



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