A Guide To Digital Marketing For Real Estate

October 16, 2020,
A Guide To Digital Marketing For Real Estate
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A guide in how technology is helping to set a new era of digital marketing for real estate agents, teams & brokers.

As a real estate professional, you’ve seen technology, massively change the real estate industry over the past 20 years.

Starting in the early 2000;s, with Google’s ability to search a huge database of resources (in seconds) and provide you with a concise answer, in a simple format.

Or how about Facebook in the mid 2000s?

With it’s ability to connect you with people half way across the world.

Or contact people you haven’t seen since your high school days!

And then we have the “real estate monsters”, like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com (and a bunch of new ones popping up every year) that are trying to streamline real estate agents to become modern day doormen.

How is a real estate agent supposed to survive in 2020?

Read the tips below to provide you with a competitive advantage, over realtors not taking advantage of digital marketing tactics.

Utilize these tactics to grow your real estate business and to level the plaining field when it comes to rapidly growing technology.

Not the future, but the present state of the real estate industry. Digital marketing is here, today.

A Growing Audience
There are more internet users now than ever before. Use this to your advantage by engaging directly with prospects online.

Image of idxboost home page A Guide To Digital Marketing For Real Estate

Adaptation or Extinction
Real estate is an essential and evolving business and people need to move, buy, sell and rent their homes.

Technology Is On Your Side
From virtual tours, to live streaming open houses.  There has never been more technology at your reach.

Consistency Matters
You can’t disappear and come back again. The market is there for those who stay and innovate. 

Build, Optimize And Focus On Building Relationships
As a real estate professional your job is to do transactions. Have the tech work for you, not the other way around.

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Polish Your Online Presence as the Top Real Estate Expert

First impressions matter, and in this digital era your online presence may be your only impression. Make sure your online presence is sharp and upscale.

  • Provide a superior user experience
  • Your website is your digital office
  • Integrate MLS capabilities

interactive map feature for real estate webstite - A Guide To Digital Marketing For Real Estate

Connect With Prospective Home Buyers Searching Online

Take advantage of IDX technology to continue building great relationships with new clients remotely.  Build a pipeline of qualified prospects.

  • Video enhances emotional impression
  • Online brand recognition is key
  • Have a WOW factor visitors will remember

Live Sample:
Coconut Grove Lifestyle

social media posts - facebook instagram - A Guide To Digital Marketing For Real Estate

Realtors: Maximize Your Social Media Presence

With more people relying on social media platforms for their news and entertainment, maximizing your brand with targeted advertising will increase your social media presence by engaging with more potential new clients.

  • Social media is for branding, not lead generation
  • Invest in your content to increase your return
  • Focus on a concise message and goal

CRM for real estate agents

Embrace, Learn, And Love! Your CRM: LEADS, LEADS, LEADS.

Make sure to keep your prospects engaged. A good CRM system and the right programs are key to ensure you never miss an opportunity to reconnect.

  • Engage with email drips
  • Email alerts have low unsubscribe rates
  • Don’t rely on memory

zoom, virtual tours, open houses - realtors

Get Familiar With Virtual Home Tours and Meetings

Embrace the rise in virtual meetings, from ZOOM, to Microsoft Teams, to Google Hangouts. Becoming well-versed in this new skill is of increasing importance.

  • Get familiar with the options
  • Practice with friends & peers
  • Evolve your presentation skills

video production and story telling when showing listings to home buyers - A Guide To Digital Marketing For Real Estate

Live-Stream To Your Audience at Your Open House Events

Open houses are now available to stream live. You can engage with more prospects than ever. Expand to a global audience by streaming your open houses online.

  • Take advantage of the tools available
  • Gain access to a bigger global audience
  • Have a concise message and goal

closing contracts through out the real estate process - A Guide To Digital Marketing For Real Estate

Get On With Cloud Contracts

Today’s technology allows you to send, receive and manage all contracts online. Distance and availability are no longer an issue to get a contract closed.

  • Expedite the process
  • Track the process online
  • Facsimile is obsolete

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