South Florida is Booming – Get the Miami Real Estate Marketing You Need!

July 25, 2014,
South Florida is Booming – Get the Miami Real Estate Marketing You Need!
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The fact that South Florida real estate Marketing is popular is no surprise – for seven years, TREM Group has been providing cutting-edge marketing for many of the region’s top Realtors hoping to meet this demand.

Now, recent industry reports from major sources confirm that real estate in and around Miami is still going strong, giving you plenty of opportunity to reap rewarding leads – if you have the Miami Real Estate Web Design and technology you need to make it happen.

Here are the basics: the median sales price of condos and single-family homes grew 11.9 percent year-to-year, with the average sales price and price per square foot also growing.

Inventory has also increased by a significant 34.5 percent, giving Realtors plenty of great properties to offer and a wider market of homebuyers to appeal to. Plus, with average marketing times for condos and homes declining to just a week, you have the potential to sell quality real estate quicker than ever (luxury listings take an average of 51 days to sell as of 2014).

And while overall sales declined by 2.3 percent, this was actually good news: it was due to the decrease in distress properties, which signifies a much healthier and more attractive market. In fact, the sale of non-distressed properties saw a big increase! Homebuyers are no doubt taking notice of this.

One thing hasn’t changed: a large and growing proportion of this trend is being driven by foreign buyers, who are increasingly relying on the Internet as their main source for finding South Florida real estate and those who sell it. If you want to optimize your leads from this opportune market, call TREM Group for a free consultation at 305-705-5000.



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