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Every real estate marketing company claims it specializes in international marketing. But very few of them really do. Often, that’s for the simple reason that it’s extremely difficult. There are language barriers, cultural barriers and time zone differences. What ranks highly in one country’s search engines might not in another.

But at TREM Group, we’re international by definition. With staff from Europe and throughout the Americas and offices in Miami and South America, our real estate marketing agency are ready to help you reach a global audience. All of our websites come with translations in multiple languages, and we’ve helped land sales from buyers in Russia, China, Brazil and beyond.

Part of the reason international marketing is difficult is that the rules of search engine optimization are always changing. What works in online real estate marketing one day might not work the next. Google sometimes changes its algorithms without even publicly announcing it.

That’s why our SEO experts at TREM Group are constantly pushing the limits and providing our clients with the tools they need to stay on top. Every website comes with containers that help you optimize meta information with keywords. All of our websites come with stylish, branded blogs, which you can easily update. (One of the most important search engine parameters is to have a consistently updated website.) And we use WordPress so that you can easily add rich multimedia content to your site.

That last one is crucial for international sales. Video introductions and 360 tours helps to personalize your brand and transport your users across continents. International buyers want an agency they can trust, and the way your website feels is often the first step to building that trust.

If you’d like us to help you optimize your website for international marketing or build you a new site entirely with the best SEO practices integrated.