How they sold $100M+ of pre-construction units online using the latest digital marketing strategy for real estate developers

How to market a new development condo project: Adrian Sanchez owner of, was able to market a brand new development in Miami, FL, and sell over 100 units in the first year!


Adrian Sanchez is the CEO and managing broker of Wire Miami, a leading brokerage firm based in Miami, Florida.

Adrian’s journey with Wire Miami led him to partner with PMG after successfully selling new development projects from prestigious brands. As a selling broker, he faced a unique challenge – accelerating the sales process of an exciting new development in a burgeoning market, E11even Hotel & Residences.

The Challenge

Despite his experience as a broker, Adrian confronted the challenge of swiftly promoting this innovative project. Time was of the essence. He needed to find a dynamic digital marketing solution to position E11even in front of the right audience – those seeking new developments in Miami’s evolving real estate landscape.

Adrian recognized the need to adapt to changing market dynamics, understanding that staying ahead required innovation.

The Solution

In response to Adrian’s quest to elevate his marketing strategy, TREM Group crafted a holistic solution. They developed a tailored platform that became the linchpin of his marketing efforts, facilitating efficient lead engagement and nurturing.

With the new platform, Adrian proactively assumed a leadership role in lead engagement, leveraging a custom website to convert traffic from strategic PPC campaigns into explosive sales growth.

TREM Group’s retargeting strategy across social media channels fostered unique interest in Adrian’s project brand. It effectively connected him with prospective clients actively seeking developments in his project’s price range and locale.

The integration of action plans and email drips enabled Adrian to forge immediate connections with prospects and passively nurture them through intelligent automation. Adrian’s commitment to nurturing prospect relationships established him as the top sales broker for the new development.

“I sold over $100M+ in my first year. This partnership has proven to be quite successful”

The Result

Adrian’s decision to invest in TREM Group bore remarkable fruit in the first year. He single-handedly orchestrated the sale of nearly 100 units in the E11even Residences and Hotel project, totaling over $100M+ in sales. Adrian attributes this monumental success to the platform’s capabilities, the high-quality leads it generated, and his unwavering dedication to the program.

Today, both towers of the project are completely sold out. Adrian continues to cultivate relationships with his prospects, building a robust pipeline for future resale opportunities. Simultaneously, he directs his attention to other upcoming projects, applying his proven strategy and resources to expedite the success of new ventures.

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