How Nick penetrated a new luxury market and sold over $20M+ in the first 6 months

How to market your real estate business when entering a new market: Nick Grodzicki owner of, went from Miami Beach to Palm Beach and took his talents to a brand new market. Find out he was able to grow his sales to over $20M+ in less than six months.


Nick Grodzicki is the CEO of the Grodzicki Group, a leading brokerage firm based in Palm Beach, Florida.

When Nick first moved to Florida in 2019 he had no connections or family in the area. He embarked on a journey to establish himself in the highly competitive ultra-luxury real estate market.

The Challenge

Although Nick was an experienced realtor, he faced the challenge of growing his real estate business from scratch in a new market.

He needed to find effective marketing solutions to build a client base and differentiate himself in a competitive field. In the beginning, he resorted to cold calling, which yielded some success but wasn’t sustainable for long-term growth.

He also experimented with various website providers and marketing strategies, but none delivered the expected results.

The Solution

Nick’s turning point came when he discovered TremGroup. He realized the importance of leveraging technology to attract and connect with potential customers.

TREMGroup offered him a powerful website solution that could focus on his specific market, and marketing tools tailored for real estate agents.

TREMGroup‘s user-friendly interface and lead-generation capabilities were instrumental in streamlining Nick’s marketing efforts.

TremGroup’s Strategic PPC Ad Campaigns for the Explosive Sales Growth program put Nick’s enhanced digital presence in front of qualified buyers.

The agency’s retargeting strategy helped Nick establish authority and connect with people looking for homes through different channels.

The TremGroup team also optimized Nick’s digital footprint with extensive keyword research that would pull in high-potential opportunities from search engines.

“After trying 4 different providers. I sold over $20M+ in 6 months with TREMGroup”

The Result

Nick’s decision to invest in TREMGroup bore fruit within just six months. He closed multiple deals in the Palm Beach area that totaled $20M+ million, something Nick attributes directly to the platform’s capabilities. Unlike his previous experiences with other providers, TREMGroup delivered tangible results, significantly improving Nick’s ROI.

Nick’s business is thriving. He is committed to providing excellent service to his clients in the luxury real estate market. His story is a testament to the power of technology and effective marketing strategies in the real estate industry.

+20x Year Revenue
$20M+ Year Closed
$600K+ Year Gross
1MM+ Digital Brand
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