How Audrey Ross converted her website visitors into leads to fuel a team of over 20 agents

How to Convert Website Visitors to Leads: Audrey Ross’ went from thousands in Google Search traffic and zero leads to instantly generating hundreds of quality leads each month by simply switching her website technology.


Often called, “Miami’s Woman At The Top”, Audrey opened her own real estate firm in Miami in 1984.

She has established herself as one of the city’s preeminent purveyors of luxury homes. Years of dedication to her work and providing absolutely the best and most discreet service to the world’s movers and shakers who make up her clientele.

The Challenge

Audrey, a forward-thinking individual, demonstrated her progressive mindset from the outset of the initial internet boom. During this period, she acquired the impressive domain “,” envisioning its potential to inspire her ambitious team of agents, all of whom admired her and aspired to attain comparable levels of success.

Recognizing the importance of equipping her team with effective strategies to attract high-quality prospects, Audrey initially placed her faith in the power of her domain. However, after experiencing disappointment with four different marketing service providers, she was beginning to lose hope in the realm of digital technology.

The Solution

When Audrey found TremGroup, she shared her story, goals, and frustration, emphasizing that this was her last shot with companies like TremGroup, who promised results but never delivered.

The agency quickly evaluated her domain, technology, and strategy and discovered that while Audrey’s efforts hadn’t been in vain, the website was getting around 1,000 monthly visitors with no leads or form fills.

The agency undertook a comprehensive platform and website overhaul and established a strategy aimed at increasing online traffic and effectively converting it into tangible leads.

They constructed a brand-new website with a seamless IDX interface and an exceptional user search experience to better engage online traffic and improve lead conversion.

Recognizing that incoming traffic originated from individuals seeking properties in various areas, the agency assigned territory managers to ensure that each agent received leads aligned with their specific expertise.

“I sold over $80MM in my first year. This partnership has proven to be quite successful”

The Result

Audrey’s domain now attracts more than 11,000 monthly visitors, with consistent growth. Her high-conversion platform, on average, generates and nurtures over 200 leads each month, derived from both organic rankings and precisely targeted campaigns.

To date, her website has yielded over 12,000 leads, cultivating a substantial pipeline exceeding $330 million from online prospects. These prospects are channeled to a team of over 20 agents, each overseeing their designated territories.

+11K Leads
10K+ Avg Monthly
250%+ Online Traffic
$100M+ Closed + Nurturing
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